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Linux dedicated server is the best option for your business

We provide Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting services with full root access.
Unmanaged dedicated server rental at affordable price for a powerful machine. We provide an unmanaged dedicated server with root access. Our Linux Dedicated server hosting is the right choice when you have a high demand for reliability, Performance, and Heavy I/O requirements. Our Dedicated Server hosting in Russia is DMCA ignored and comes with an IP-KVM control panel with full root access. We provide Linux dedicated server hosting in Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and USA. Prakinhost provides dedicated server rental, lease, and contract. We have pro-rata billing on all our unmanaged dedicated servers. Customize our Linux dedicated server the way you need. We have 10TB Dedicated Server, 100TB Dedicated Server, 100Mbps Dedicated Server, 200Mbps Dedicated Server, 1Gbps Dedicated Server, Unmetered bandwidth dedicated server, Unmetered dedicated server, Unlimited dedicated server, DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server and more.

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Location: Karnataka, India

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