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AVTEC Industries - Technical Excellence

AVTEC forms a pioneer manufacturer of engines, transmissions and high precision components pertinent to Automobiles, Off-highway, Railways, Defense and Agricultural convention. The company strives to promote utmost customer satisfaction, ‘one-stop-shop’ concept for power trains and precision-engineered products.
Their products have earned them superiority in technical excellence; the technology has been adopted by European Ford models, however, not sold in the United States.
Notable Functions of the device
Powershift Transmissions though specified as an automatic transmission, actually a dual-clutch system in reality. The behavior of the automatic system was not known to drivers, they misinterpreted the functioning of the system, though introduced and well accepted in the United States, Europeans felt it easier to feel familiar with manual system over automated system.
• AVTEC Limited is a part of CK Group of companies that forms a leading business house, with a turnover of US$ 2.0 billion.
• The domestic facilities for R&D, in-house technology and manufacturing, are at Hosur, Pithampura and Chennai.
• High tech machinery and skilled resources are allotted for producing quality products.
How is AVTEC serving the best needs to customers?
AVTEC has gained expertise in setting up innovative facilities encircling Powershift Transmissions applicable for both heavy and light vehicles with aid of Global R&D footprints conceived from Swiss counterpart ASSAG. The company has flourished domestically as well as globally. The renowned OEMs are namely Allison, BEML,Caterpillar, Ford, ISUZU, Renault-Nissan, and Tata-Jaguar.
Importance of AVTEC
Hence, AVTEC and its prospects in Powershift Transmissions, its performance in various automobile sectors are at its peak. All facilities are pertaining to quality certificates TS 16949 and OS 14001 that makes the company superior.
Domestic and globally the company has earned fame, renowned associates can be showcased. There lie few contradictions towards usage of automatic and manual gears as the drivers drive their vehicles on road. A distinction of preferences applies for American and European users.

Location: Delhi, India

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AVTEC Industries - Technical Excellence



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